Arts Center in CBD & Warehouse District

Contemporary Arts Center

From the outside, the CAC is pretty unassuming. But once inside, the grand modernist entrance, an airy, spacious vault with soaring ceilings and conceptual metal and wooden accents, is impressive. The best reason to…
Arts Center in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Ashé Cultural Arts Center

An important anchor for the local African American community, Ashé (from a Yoruba word that could loosely be translated as ‘Amen’) regularly showcases performances, art and photography exhibitions, movie screenings …
Arts Center in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

New Orleans, like few American cities of its size, lives and dies off its arts scene. This is a city unapologetically in love with (and largely built on) the work of its musicians, painters and writers, and many of …