San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant

Seafood in Long Beach & San Pedro

Seafood feasts don’t get more decadent and divey than at this family-run, harbor-view institution. Buy fresh fish or seafood at the counter and the price includes cooking. You'll see entire families gathered around plastic trays piled high with meaty crabs, plump shrimp, slimy oysters, melty yellowtail and tender halibut, spiced and cooked to order with potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.

Lug your tray to a picnic table, fold up your sleeves and dig right in. Don’t forget to order some buttery garlic bread and a pile of extra napkins. It's so sprawling, confusingly laid out and often crowded that it can be overwhelming, but it's been in business since the 1950s, and the formula works.

You can save a buck or two next door at Crusty Crab, doing the same exact work.