Galleria Market

Supermarket in Westlake & Koreatown

Inside the Koreatown Galleria, this massive, modern market is a food adventure and offers great bang for your buck. Start with the colorful arrays of produce (we especially love the giant Korean pears). Then snack on samples while browsing aisle after aisle of other Korean (and many Japanese and other Asian) specialties: sauces to packaged noodles, sweets and booze.

Our favorite is the prepared food counter. Hot and cold cases proffer fresh-made fish (grilled, fried, egg-battered); meats and soups; a salad-bar style assortment of marinated, stewed or pickled vegetarian items redolent of chili paste, sesame oil and garlic; noodles; and of course kimchi, the fermented cabbage that's Korea's national dish. A Korean-style bakery rounds out the experience.

The basement level has wholesale food and kitchenware. Access is through the garage.

For sit-down rather than takeout, head to the Korean food court on the top floor of the mall.