Cleo Third Street

Middle Eastern in West Hollywood & Mid-City

Dinner at this airy eatery by Moroccan-Japanese-Israeli chef Danny Emaleh might begin with crispy artichoke hummus, spicy beef 'cigars,' saganaki cheese flambéed with walnut chimichurri and orange blossom honey, or luscious ravioli filled with farmer cheese, fig balsamic, almonds and soft egg (and a heat that creeps up on you). And those are just the shared starter plates.

After that, look for kebabs such as melt-in-your-mouth skirt steak, Moroccan slaw (packed with turnips, radishes, kale and tahini), and meatball shakshouka served in a colorful, custom-made tagine, plus larger (and more expensive) plates 'from the land' and 'from the sea'

Even the cocktails are unique, such as the Mediterranean margarita flavored with fig and almond, and the Cleo martini, heady with black garlic essence and roasted olives.