Indian in Pasadena & the San Gabriel Valley


Cozy without being cramped, this tiny saffron-scented dining room with an open kitchen bakes bread, broils meat in a tandoori oven, and stirs up all the curries too.
Indian in Culver City & Mar Vista

Samosa House

A family-owned, vegetarian steam table serving, among other things, charcoal-smoked cauliflower daal, aloo curry, chana masala, and samosas, of course. The modern glass-box interior and breezy patio are inviting.
Indian in Downtown Los Angeles & Boyle Heights


"Badmaash" roughly translates to "notorious" in Hindi, and this two level, hipster spot feels like the bad boy of Indian food, with unconventional dishes like spiced lamb burger, chicken tikka poutine (French fries …