Top Choice Italian in Hollywood

Pizzeria & Osteria Mozza

Osteria Mozza is all about fine cuisine crafted from market fresh, seasonal ingredients; but being a Mario Batali joint, you can expect adventure (squid-ink chitarra freddi with Dungeness crab, sea urchin and jalape…
Top Choice Market in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Farmers Markets

You haven’t really experienced Santa Monica until you’ve explored one of its weekly outdoor farmers markets stocked with organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods and freshly shucked oysters.
Top Choice Japanese in Downtown Los Angeles & Boyle Heights

Sushi Gen

Come early to grab a table, and know that they don't do the uber-creative 'look at me' kind of rolls. In this Japanese classic sushi spot, seven chefs stand behind the blonde wood bar, carving thick slabs of melt-in…
Top Choice Italian in Venice & Marina Del Rey


Carve out a slip on the communal table between the hipsters and yuppies, or get your own slab of wood on the elegant, tented, stone terrace, and dine on imaginative small plates (raw yellowtail spiced with chili and…
Top Choice Japanese in San Fernando Valley


Stuffed with knick knacks, pasted with posters, and staffed by the sunny and sweet owner-operator, this offbeat Japanese diner offers the best (and one of the tastiest) deals on sushi row. The fried seaweed tofu gyo…
Top Choice Japanese in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood & Westwood


Simple and real, this chef-owned and family-operated yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken) joint crafts the most tender and savory grilled-chicken skewers you can imagine. We love the wings, neck, chicken skin, meatba…
Top Choice Modern American in West Hollywood & Mid-City


They change the menu twice daily, but if they offer it, order the shrimp and grits: it's rich and buttery, with chunks of andouille sausage, okra and two king prawns. Their burrata melts with tang, the yellow-tail c…
Top Choice Mexican in Downtown Los Angeles & Boyle Heights

Bar Amá

One of three exquisite Downtown restaurants with profound Mexican influences offered by Josef Centeno. This one fries pig ears, braises short rib, and smothers enchiladas with mole sauce. Brussel sprouts are garnish…
Top Choice Sushi in Downtown Los Angeles & Boyle Heights

Q Sushi

A slender wedge of exquisite sushi. This stunning dark and blonde wood sushi bar is all omakase all the time. At dinner there will be 20 courses (lunch about half that) all created by a Japanese sushi savant Hiro Na…
Top Choice Italian in Downtown Los Angeles & Boyle Heights


The most sought-after reservation in town can be found at this new and splashy Italian kitchen in the Arts District. The antipasti ranges from crispy lamb pancetta to sea urchin crudo to veal tartare crostino. Did w…