Top Choice Museum in Long Beach & San Pedro

Battleship Iowa

This WWII to Cold War–era battleship is now permanently moored in San Pedro Bay and open to visitors as a museum. It's massive – 887ft long (that's 5ft longer than Titanic) and about as tall as an 18-story building.…
Top Choice Aquarium in Long Beach & San Pedro

Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach’s most mesmerizing experience, the Aquarium of the Pacific is a vast, high-tech indoor ocean where sharks dart, jellyfish dance and sea lions frolic. More than 11,000 creatures inhabit four re-created hab…
Top Choice Museum in Long Beach & San Pedro

Museum of Latin American Art

This gem of a museum is the only one in the US to present art created since 1945 in Latin America and in Latino communities in the US, in important temporary and traveling exhibits. Blockbuster shows have recently i…
Ship in Long Beach & San Pedro

Queen Mary

Long Beach’s ‘flagship’ attraction is this grand – and supposedly haunted! – British luxury liner. Larger and more luxurious than even the Titanic, she transported royals, dignitaries, immigrants, WWII troops and va…
Area in Long Beach & San Pedro

Retro Row

This blocks-long stretch of 4th St is a fab destination for retro fashion, fun cafes and restaurants and an awesome art-house theater.
Area in Long Beach & San Pedro

Belmont Shore

If downtown Long Beach feels urban and corporate, Belmont Shore exudes a quintessential SoCal, laid-back air. It has a fine beach with a pier for fishing and watching sunsets, and keeps it real along a buzzy, four-b…
Aquarium in Long Beach & San Pedro

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

This city-owned aquarium is the smaller, older, low-tech cousin of Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific. It’s also a lot lighter on your wallet and less overwhelming for small children. Spiky urchins, slippery sea c…
Park in Long Beach & San Pedro

Point Fermin Park & Around

Locals come to this grassy community park on the bluffs to jog, picnic, watch wind- and kitesurfers, cool off in the shade of spreading magnolias, gaze at the silhouette of Catalina Island, wonder at never-ending wa…
Museum in Long Beach & San Pedro

Fort MacArthur Military Museum

Just north of Point Fermin and west of the Korean Friendship Bell, this rambling, 20-acre facility was an LA harbor defensive post until 1945, as well as LA air-defense headquarters until 1975. Indoor galleries show…
Landmark in Long Beach & San Pedro

Korean Friendship Bell

A gift from South Korea for the US bicentennial in 1976, this nearly 12ft-tall, 18.75 ton bronze chime dominates the hillside and makes for a fantastic lookout point. The bell is suspended inside a pagoda-style pavi…