Kenyon Devore Trail

Hiking in Pasadena & the San Gabriel Valley

Named after a longtime San Gabriel Mountain man, this trail begins 0.25 miles from the Mt Wilson summit on Red Box Rd and drops down the mountain for 3000ft through stunning oak and pine habitat, meandering on both sides of the year-round Strayns Canyon Creek.

It’s stunning countryside, especially in the spring – when wildflowers pop – and the fall when valley and black oaks turn gold and drop their spinning leaves. Follow the trail for about 4 miles to West Fork Campground before turning back. It’s a strenuous 9-mile round trip. You can also cross Strayns Canyon Creek and make a right at the Gabrielino Trail, which leads back up the mountain in a 10.5-mile loop. Whatever your game plan, be sure to pick up a good map and carry plenty of water.