Top things to do in Los Alamos

Top Choice Museum in Los Alamos

Bradbury Science Museum

You can't actually visit the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the first atomic bomb was conceived, but the Bradbury Science Museum has compelling displays on the bomb's development and the political context of …
National Park in Los Alamos

Valles Caldera National Preserve

Ever wondered what the crater of a dormant supervolcano looks like 1.25 million years after it first blows? At Valles Caldera, the prehistoric explosion was so massive, some 95 cubic miles of pumice, ash and magma w…
Museum in Los Alamos

Los Alamos Historical Museum

Housed in a former school building, this interesting museum displays pop-culture artifacts from the atomic age and details the everyday social history of life 'on the hill' during the secret project, as well as othe…
American in Los Alamos

Blue Window Bistro

On the north side of the shopping center, this brightly colored cafe is Los Alamos' best dining option. It offers lunchtime gyros and poached salmon, and dinners such as Southwestern chicken and double-cut pork chop…
Mediterranean in Los Alamos

Pyramid Cafe

Middle Eastern food keeps hungry locals happy here: gyros, falafel, shwarma, and moussaka bring in the crowds – or maybe it's the Turkish coffee.
Museum in Los Alamos

Art Center at Fuller Lodge

Built in 1928 to serve as the dining hall for the local boys' school, Fuller Lodge, alongside the historical museum, was purchased by the US government for the Manhattan Project. The Art Center mounts mixed-media sh…