Top things to do in Long Beach & Seaview

Top Choice Seafood in Long Beach & Seaview

Nanci & Jimella's

Pioneers of Pacific Northwest cuisine Nanci and Jimella put every ounce of their know-how into this friendly cafe. The house specialty is seafood, and if you ask how fresh it is, you'll probably get an answer detail…
Top Choice Museum in Long Beach & Seaview

Marsh's Free Museum

Half souvenir shop and half sideshow, the museum features Weekly World News stars like Jake the Alligator Boy (a wonder of taxidermy that appears to be an alligator bottom stuck together with a real human upper half…
American in Long Beach & Seaview

Restaurant at Shelburne Country Inn

Many consider the restaurant at the Shelburne Country Inn to be a showcase of Northwest cuisine. The dining room, dominated by stained-glass windows salvaged from an English church, is certainly one of the most char…
American in Long Beach & Seaview

42nd Street Cafe

The menu is small, but there's something for everyone here, from great burgers to grilled salmon and bouillabaisse. Classy country-style decor, an extensive wine and cocktail menu and service that makes you feel lik…
Cultural in Long Beach & Seaview

Washington State International Kite Festival

Thousands of people descend on Long Beach for the Washington State International Kite Festival, billed as the largest such event in the western hemisphere. Festival-goers seek to gain new world records: the greatest…
Bakery in Long Beach & Seaview

Cottage Bakery & Deli

Worth-getting-up-for cakes, doughnuts and pastries, or roll in for bacon and eggs with a double espresso. Old signs on the walls advertise war bonds, but the high quality of the cakes never changes.
Fusion in Long Beach & Seaview


Dine in Seaview's 1905 train station. Mains and 'small plates' are created from local seafood, meats and veggies – examples include crab mac n' cheese, Parmesan chicken, pan-fried oysters and salads. It's consistent…
Museum in Long Beach & Seaview

World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame

If you think a museum devoted to the history and artistry of kites might be a bore, think again. Kites have been used for scientific research, aerial photography, mail delivery and reconnaissance – as well as for am…