Music in Litchfield Hills

Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

This long-running music festival brings eager punters from far and wide to its famous acoustically excellent 'Music Shed', built in 1906 and formerly graced by luminaries like Rachmaninoff and Sibelius. An ongoing p…
Fair in Litchfield Hills

Christmas Fair

Bethlehem's Christmas fair attracts folks from Connecticut and beyond, who come to see Santa and post their Christmas letters. First weekend of December.
Music in Litchfield Hills

Litchfield Jazz Festival

The Litchfield Jazz Festival, in nearby Goshen, draws a thousands-strong crowd.
Performing Arts in Kent

Gilmore Girls Weekend

The inspiration for the uberpopular Gilmore Girls TV sitcom was the Mayflower Grace Inn in nearby Washington (in the show, the fictional Stars Hollow, Connecticut). In 2016 some hard-core fans decided to dedicate a …
Fair in Litchfield Hills

Goshen Fair

On Labor Day weekend, you can visit the Goshen Fair, one of Connecticut's best old-fashioned fairs, with ox-pulling and wood-cutting contests.