Top things to do in Lexington

Top Choice Park in Lexington

Minute Man National Historic Park

The route that British troops followed to Concord has been designated the Minute Man National Historic Park. The visitor center at the eastern end of the park shows an informative multimedia presentation depicting P…
Cultural in Lexington

Patriots' Day

The Patriots' Day celebration in Lexington starts early – really early. On the third Monday in April, as dawn breaks, local history buffs are assembled on the village green, some decked out in 'redcoats,' while othe…
Ice Cream in Lexington

Rancatore’s Ice Cream

Cool off with a scoop of homemade ice cream or sorbet from this family-run place. Some of Ranc's flavors inspire worshipful devotion, such as bourbon butter pecan and classic coconut. The hot-fudge sundaes are also …
Historic Site in Lexington

Battle Green

The historic Battle Green is where the skirmish between patriots and British troops jump-started the War of Independence. The Lexington Minuteman Statue (crafted by Henry Hudson Kitson in 1900) stands guard at the s…
Historic Site in Lexington

Munroe Tavern

One mile east of the Battle Green, this historic tavern is named for the 18th-century proprietor, William Munroe, who was also an orderly sergeant in the minuteman brigade that fought on April 19, 1775. Later that d…
Museum in Lexington

Buckman Tavern

Facing the Battle Green, the 1709 Buckman Tavern was the headquarters of the minutemen. Here, they spent the tense hours between the midnight call to arms and the dawn arrival of the Redcoats. Today, the tavern has …
Cafe in Lexington

Ride Studio Cafe

Part bike store, part cafe, this is a novel concept. Come hang out with other cyclists, browse the gear and drink invigorating coffee. A perfect stop pre-, post- or midride. There's also a very limited food menu.
Cafe in Lexington

Via Lago Café

This cafe has high ceilings, intimate tables, a scent of fresh-roasted coffee and a great deli case. It's a perfect stop for breakfast or lunch, but the on-site dining room is also popular for dinner.
Historic Site in Lexington

Hancock-Clarke House

This 1737 house was the home of Reverend John Hancock (grandfather of the John Hancock, the Declaration signer). On the night of April 18, 1775, the good Reverend hosted John Hancock and Samuel Adams in this parsona…