Leavenworth restaurants

German in Leavenworth

München Haus

The Haus is 100% alfresco, meaning that the hot German sausages and pretzels are essential stomach warmers in winter, while the Bavarian brews will cool you down in summer. The casual beer-garden atmosphere is compl…
Northwestern US in Leavenworth

Watershed Cafe

Farm to table, locally sourced – all the right buzz words can be found at this friendly and elegant little cafe. There's a focus on local seafood, but buffalo, organic chicken and pork tenderloin are also likely to …
German in Leavenworth

Andreas Keller

The definitive Leavenworth experience lurks in this cavernous basement or rathskeller, with a genuine Oktoberfest atmosphere inspired by lederhosen-clad accordionists crooning Bavarian drinking songs. To add to the …
French in Leavenworth

Pavz Cafe Bistro

Ah, oui! If another lick of accordion music will make you run screaming for the mountains, tuck instead into this wee French cafe serving delicious crepes, seafood and French-ified steaks and pastas. It's also one o…
Italian in Leavenworth


Another escape from Bavaria lets you head south (figuratively speaking) to Visconti's, where you may think you've reached Italy, so good is the ravioli – and the wines.
Mexican in Leavenworth


Sick of sausages and sauerkraut? Divert here. The Mexican menu with Cuban and Peruvian inflections is cool and creative but always true to its Hispanic roots. Highlights of a made-from-scratch roll call are the self…