Top things to do in Laramie

Top Choice Museum in Laramie

Wyoming Territorial Prison

See the only prison ever to hold Butch Cassidy, who was in for grand larceny from 1894–96, only to emerge a well-connected criminal who fast became one of history's greatest robbers. His story is told in thrilling d…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Laramie

Sweet Melissa's

Sweet Melissa's makes delicious vegetarian and gluten-free grub, no doubt the healthiest food for miles, like portabello fajitas or gorgonzola-leek mac 'n' cheese. The cauliflower wings are bomber, as is the service…
Museum in Laramie

Geological Museum

The Morrison Formation – a Jurassic sedimentary rock – stretches from New Mexico to Montana and is centered in Wyoming. This layer has produced many of the world's dinosaurs fossils, an impressive collection of whic…
Cafe in Laramie

Coal Creek Coffee Co

With superlative brews, Coal Creek Coffee is everything you want in a coffee house: modern and stylish, even borderline hipster – but not in a bad way. When the fair-trade beans and expertly prepared lattes start to…
Diner in Laramie

J's Prairie Rose

This standard egg, bacon and bottomless-coffee diner does brisk business with locals, cranking out plate after plate of their special smothered burrito.
Bar in Laramie

Old Buckhorn Bar

For live country music and beers, you'll want to head to the Old Buckhorn Bar. Established in 1900, it's Laramie's oldest standing bar and a fantastic example of what a good Wild West saloon should look like in this…