Gay & Lesbian Travellers

The Northeast is pretty gay-friendly, especially in cities like New York. The Big Apple, in particular the West Village, is welcoming, as are the seaside resorts of Asbury Park (New Jersey) and Fire Island, and towns like Hudson, NY. Outside of urban centers, however, there is less tolerance.

Same-sex marriage is legal in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as it is in the majority of US states.

In fact, New York was a fulcrum of the gay rights movement when the Stonewall Riot erupted in 1969 at the landmark West Village night spot. Neighboring Christopher Park is now contains Stonewall National Monument, dedicated to the LGBT movement. Similarly, the Oscar Wilde bookshop was a literary one-off and gathering place for more than four decades until it finally closed shop in 2009. More recently, in 2018 the St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church of Hoboken chose its first transgender pastor.

Hotels like Tides in Asbury Park and The Madison Fire Pines fly the rainbow flag proudly. The website has a handy list, state-by-state, of gay-friendly accommodations.