Historic Site in Lahaina

Hale Paʻi Printing Museum

This small white cottage on the grounds of Lahainaluna High School housed Hawaii’s first printing press. Although its primary mission was making the Bible available to Hawaiians, the press also produced, in 1834, Ha…
Historic Site in Lahaina

Moku‘ula Island & Mokuhinia Pond Site

Until the 20th century, one of the most sacred sites in Hawaii was located on what now is a grassy field. Much of this land was wetlands, which included the freshwater Mokuhinia Pond. In the middle of the water was …
Ruins in Lahaina

Fort Ruins

Just south of the Old Lahaina Courthouse, an imposing cluster of coral stone blocks stands at attention. This is a reconstruction of a section of an 1832 fort, originally built to keep rowdy whalers in line. Each da…
Historic Building in Lahaina

Seamens' House & Hospital

Kamehameha III had this building erected in 1833 to give seamen and whalers a place to congregate away from the baleful stares of the missionaries in the center of town. It turns out he also had an ulterior motive: …
Historic Site in Lahaina

Hauola Stone

At the northern shoreline of the small plaza behind the Lahaina Public Library, look beneath the water’s surface for the middle of three lava stones. In the 14th and 15th centuries, royal women gave birth to the nex…
Historic Building in Lahaina

Masters’ Reading Room

Built in the 1830s, this coral block and stone building was used by ship captains as a club for hanging out between seafaring adventures. Restored in 1970, it now houses a gallery, Village Gifts & Fine Arts.
Historic Site in Lahaina

Brick Palace

The first Western-style building in Hawaii, the Brick Palace was erected by Kamehameha I around 1800 so he could keep watch on arriving ships. Despite the name, this ‘palace’ was a simple two-story structure built b…