Theme Park in Laʻie

Polynesian Cultural Center

A nonprofit cultural park owned by the Mormon Church, the PCC revolves around eight Polynesian-themed ʻvillages’ representing Hawaii, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Samoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fiji, Tahiti and Tonga. …
Viewpoint in Laʻie

Laʻie Point State Wayside

Crashing surf, a lava arch and a slice of Hawaiian folk history await at Laʻie Point. The tiny offshore islands are said to be the surviving pieces of a moʻo (lizard spirit) slain by a legendary warrior. To get here…
Beach in Laʻie

Laʻie Beach Park

A half-mile south of the PCC's main entrance, this is an excellent bodysurfing beach, but the shorebreak can be brutal, thus its nickname Pounders Beach. Summer swimming is generally good, but watch out for strong w…
Beach in Laʻie

Hukilau Beach

North of Laʻie Shopping Center is a pocket of white sand that’s a leisurely place for swimming when summer waters are calm. Just beware any time the surf’s up.
Beach in Laʻie

Pounders Beach

Half a mile south of the main entrance to the PCC, this is an excellent bodyboarding beach, but the shorebreak, as the name of the beach implies, can be brutal.