The 0.1-mile Cliff Trail is a relatively easy walk with rewarding canyon views. Keep going on the 1.7-mile Canyon Trail, a steep forested trail that descends before opening up to a vast red-dirt promontory with cliffs to one side and charming log steps to guide you further. Shortly thereafter it'll take some huff-and-puff climbing to get to Waipoʻo Falls.

This is the best family-hiking area in the park. If it’s getting too much, you could turn around at the falls. Otherwise, follow the trail across the stream to the canyon rim. The trail ends at Kumuwela Lookout, where you can rest at a picnic table before backtracking to Halemanu Rd.

For an alternate return route, make a right at the signed intersection with the Black Pipe Trail at the top of the switchback where you leave the canyon rim. This 0.5-mile alternative trail stops at the 4WD road, where you turn left (downhill) and walk back to where you started.

To get to the trailhead for the Cliff and Canyon Trails, walk down Halemanu Rd over 0.8 miles. Keeping Halemanu Stream on your left, turn right onto a footpath leading to the Cliff and Canyon Trails. At the next junction, the Cliff Trail veers right and uphill to a viewpoint. You can skip the steeps on the road if you have a 4WD by accessing the trail system from the end of Kumuwela Ridge.