Top things to do in Kodiak Island

Top Choice Park in Kodiak Island

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park

This military fort, 4.5 miles northeast of Kodiak, off Monashka Bay Rd, was built by the US Army during WWII to defend against a Japanese invasion that never came. In the end, Kodiak’s lousy weather kept the Japanes…
Top Choice Museum in Kodiak

Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository

The Alutiiqs (not to be confused with the Aleuts) are the subject of this brilliant Alaska Native museum. They were the original inhabitants of the Kodiak archipelago and many of them remain members of the Russian O…
Top Choice Cafe in Kodiak

Monk’s Rock Coffeehouse & Bookstore

Part cafe, part library of Russian Orthodox books and icons, Monk's is an out-of-the-ordinary eating place thanks to its on-site bookshop that might have stepped straight out of Vladivostok. The dining area is comfo…
Top Choice Cafe in Kodiak Island

Java Flats

Saying you have the best baking within a 100-mile radius doesn’t always mean much in Alaska where 100 miles is often the distance to the nearest gas station, but, take it on trust, the homemade cookies at Java are t…
Top Choice Microbrewery in Kodiak

Kodiak Island Brewing Co

For proof that craft-brewing has reached the frontier, call into Kodiak's only microbrewery. It operates as a taproom rather than a pub, meaning you can bring your own food as you sample their latest ales, including…
Wildlife Reserve in Kodiak

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

This excellent visitor center focuses on the Kodiak brown bear, the most famous resident of the refuge, with an exhibit room that’s especially well suited to children, a short film on the bears and a bookstore. A va…
Beach in Kodiak Island

Fossil Beach

At the end of Pasagshak Rd, the cliffs on each side of this remote beach are lined with bowling-ball-sized concretions (where sand and silt has been cemented in minerals), the fossils of ancient shells and other pro…
Museum in Kodiak

Baranov Museum

Housed in the oldest Russian structure in Alaska, across the street from the visitor center, the Baranov Museum fills Erskine House, which the Russians built in 1808 as a storehouse for precious sea-otter pelts. Tod…
Cafe in Kodiak

Harborside Coffee & Goods

The best cuppa in town can be procured at this fount of fishing-boat gossip right on the harborside. A strong double-shot goes down well while surfing the equally strong wi-fi.
Japanese in Kodiak

Kodiak Hana

The best fish in Kodiak are served in this historic power plant which has been beautifully renovated into a Japanese seafood restaurant. The waterfront location places you on an outdoor deck, or in a solarium, watch…