Top things to do in Kingsville

Historic Site in Kingsville

King Ranch

Much of the King Ranch is not open to the public. But there are 60,000 head of cattle, 400 horses and dozens of cowboys here – many fifth- and sixth-generation descendants of Kineños, who moved en masse to the ranch…
Cafe in Kingsville

Harrel's Pharmacy

Besides capsules with cold and flu remedies and a slew of knickknacks, this pharmacy serves up a time capsule in the form of an authentic soda fountain that hasn't changed in decades. The hash browns at breakfast ar…
Museum in Kingsville

King Ranch Museum

Housed in a renovated ice-storage house downtown, the King Ranch Museum covers the history of the ranch and the Kings. Be sure to follow the minor family dramas of the first generation, and admire the collection of …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Kingsville

King Ranch Saddle Shop

The upmarket King Ranch Saddle Shop has expensive clothing, gear and souvenirs branded with the distinctive King Ranch 'Running W' logo, which looks like a squiggly snake.
Museum in Kingsville

John E Conner Museum

Displays on the region's natural and cultural history. The standout is the small 'Hall of Horns', which is devoted entirely to hunting trophies. This will be repulsive to some but fascinating to many. The museum is …
Historic Building in Kingsville

1904 Train Depot

Right downtown, the small old train depot has been beautifully restored and is filled with historical items and information panels relating to when you could board a train here and connect to the rest of the nation.…