Kamaʻole Beach is having so much fun, it just keeps rolling along. And along. And along. Divided into three sections by rocky points, these popular strands are known locally as Kam I, Kam II and Kam III. All three are pretty, golden-sand beaches with full facilities and lifeguards. There’s a volleyball court at Kam I and parking lots at Kam I and III.

Travelers with disabilities can access the ocean at Kam I using a sand beach chair. For details about ADA accessibility and the sand beach chair, check the Kamaole I listing at www.mauicounty.gov or call 808-270-6136.

Water conditions vary with the weather, but swimming is usually good. For the most part, these beaches have sandy bottoms with a fairly steep drop, which tends to create good conditions for bodysurfing, especially in winter.

For snorkeling, the southern end of Kamaʻole Beach Park III has some nearshore rocks harboring a bit of coral and a few colorful fish, though it pales in comparison to the snorkeling at beaches further south.