American in Key West

Blue Heaven

Proof that location is nearly everything, this is one of the quirkiest venues on an island of oddities. Customers (and a local chicken) flock to dine in the spacious courtyard where Hemingway once officiated boxing …
Vegetarian in Key West


The Café is the only place in Key West that exclusively caters to herbivores (OK, they have one fish dish). By day, it’s a cute, sunny, earthy-crunchy luncheonette; by night, with flickering votive candles and a cla…
French in Key West

Café Solé

Conch carpaccio with capers? Yellowtail fillet and foie gras? Oh yes. This locally and critically acclaimed venue is known for its cozy back-porch ambience and innovative menus, cobbled together by a chef trained in…
Fusion in Key West


This healthy and tasty neighborhood joint is a locals' place where players on the high school softball team are served by friends from science class. For 20 years the homey facade of Camille’s has concealed a sharp …
Cuban in Key West

El Siboney

This is a rough-and-ready Cuban joint where the portions are big and there’s no screwing around with high-end embellishment or bells and whistles. It’s rice, it’s beans, it’s shredded beef and roasted pork, it’s coo…
Fusion in Key West

Nine One Five

Classy Nine One Five certainly stands out from the nearby Duval detritus of alcoholic aggression and tribal band tattoos. Ignore all that and enter this immaculate, modern and elegant space, which serves a creative,…
Seafood in Key West

Seven Fish

This simple yet elegant, tucked-away spot is the perfect place for a romantic feast of homemade gnocchi or sublime banana chicken. All that said, the way to go here is to order the fresh fish of the day. The dining …
Caribbean in Key West

Mo's Restaurant

The words ‘Caribbean,’ ‘home’ and ‘cooking’, when used in conjunction, are generally always enough to win over. But it’s not just the genre of cuisine that wins us over at Mo’s – it’s the execution. The dishes are m…
Italian in Key West

Duetto Pizza & Gelato

This little pizza and gelato stand is a good-value stop for a quick slice or scoop, especially compared to the greasy cardboard pie served elsewhere in town.
Fusion in Key West

Point5 Lounge

Like stylish Nine One Five (which it sits above), Point5 is a good deal more sophisticated than the typical Duval St trough or frozen drink hall. It trades in fusion-style tapas with global influence, ranging from A…