Top Choice Square in Key West

Mallory Square

Take all those energies, subcultures and oddities of Keys life and focus them into one torchlit, family-friendly (but playfully edgy), sunset-enriched street party. The child of all these raucous forces is Mallory S…
Historic Building in Key West

Casa Antigua

This was technically Hemingway’s first house in Key West and where he wrote A Farewell to Arms, but it isn’t all that notable, except for a lush garden in the back and a very kitschy ‘guided tour'. For $2, they'll l…
Museum in Key West

Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

So, you’ve been making your way down the Keys, thinking, Gosh, could there be a place that ties all the knowledge of this unique ecological phenomenon into one fun, well-put-together educational exhibit? OK, maybe t…
Wildlife Reserve in Key West

Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

This vast domed conservatory lets you stroll through a magic garden of flowering plants, colorful birds and up to 1800 fluttering butterflies, all live imports from around the globe.
Cemetery in Key West

Key West Cemetery

A darkly alluring Gothic labyrinth beckons at the center of this pastel town. Built in 1847, the cemetery crowns Solares Hill, the highest point on the island (with an elevation of 16ft). Some of the oldest families…
Lighthouse in Key West

Key West Lighthouse

You can climb up 88 steps to the top of this lighthouse, built in 1846, for a decent view. But honestly, it’s just as enjoyable to gaze up at the tower from the leafy street below.
Historic Building in Key West

Little White House

While we were first tempted here by the prospect of a Lego-sized model of the presidential digs, this is in fact the spot where ex-president Harry S Truman used to vacation when he wasn’t molding post-WWII geopoliti…
Museum in Key West

Museum of Art & History at the Custom House

There is art at the end of the road, and you’ll find the best at this museum, which is worth a look-see if only for its gorgeous home – the grand Customs House, long abandoned until its impressive renovation in the …
Gardens in Key West

Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

Nancy, a local artist and fixture of the Keys community, invites you to bring lunch (but no cell phones!) into her oasis of lush palms, orchids and chatty rescued parrots and macaws. Although the place is called a s…
Museum in Key West

Office of the Secretary General of the Conch Republic

See all manner of Conch Republic tat – flags, souvenirs and such.