Top Choice Modern American in Ketchikan

Bar Harbor Restaurant

A small cozy place between downtown and the ferry terminal with an intriguingly eclectic menu that is constantly changing. Yeah, they serve seafood here, but there are also a lot of things on the menu that didn’t st…
Breakfast in Ketchikan

New York Cafe

The owners of Bar Harbor Restaurant have turned the café at the New York Hotel into one of the best places for breakfast or lunch. Practically everything on the lunch menu is seafood related. Let's face it - if you'…
Burgers in Ketchikan

Burger Queen

Ketchikan’s favorite burger joint. Ten varieties, including one with a Polish sausage and a hamburger patty, plus 30 flavors of milkshake. Order a burger and fries and have it delivered to the Arctic Bar across the …
Sushi in Ketchikan

Sushi Fever

This Japanese restaurant bustles with locals and cruise-ship workers alike. There are almost 40 types of roll on the menu but just a bowl of the udon noodles will fuel you all afternoon.
Seafood in Ketchikan


At the Gilmore Hotel, this keg and chowder house has a seafood-heavy menu, a wonderful bar and 1920s decor. The three kinds of homemade chowder are good, and the keg half of the restaurant even better, with its long…
Asian in Ketchikan

Diaz Café

Located on the south side of Ketchikan Creek, this longtime cafe dates back to the 1920s, when Filipinos and Japanese weren’t allowed to live north of the creek. Today the eatery is a favorite among locals looking f…
Fusion in Ketchikan

New York Cafe

The historic ambience of the New York Hotel spills over into a little cafe. The menu follows the usual seafood trend of fried halibut and chowder, but falafel, tabouleh and mezze are tossed in for some variety.
American in Ketchikan

Heen Kahidi Restaurant

The Cape Fox Lodge restaurant offers hilltop dining with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing a view of the world below and eagles at eye level. The food is a bit underwhelming, but the experience is pleasant. The di…
Mexican in Ketchikan

Oceanview Restaurant

Ketchikan’s best Mexican restaurant offers 10 types of burritos, nine sizzling fajita dishes and, in that great Alaskan tradition, pasta, pizza and a decent veal marsala. It’s all served in pleasant surroundings ove…
Cafe in Ketchikan

Pioneer Café

One of the few downtown restaurants that was around in the time of the lumber mills, and the only one open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, it serves the best breakfast in town and serves it all day.