Keomuku Road attractions

Top Choice Beach in Kahokunui To Naha

Halepalaoa Beach

Running southeast from the pier at Halepalaoa Landing is the reef-protected and shaded Halepalaoa Beach, which seems to have come from desert-island central casting. In winter, the number of whales breaching offshor…
Historic Site in Kahokunui To Naha

Halepalaoa Landing

Just under 2 miles southeast along the road from Keomuku, you reach Halepalaoa Landing, from which the sugar company planned to ship out its product. But little was accomplished during its short life (1899–1901), ot…
Historic Site in Kahokunui To Naha


Less than a mile from the end of paved Hwy 44 is Maunalei. An ancient heiau (stone temple) sat there until 1890, when the Maunalei Sugar Company dismantled it and used the stones to build a fence and railroad. Short…
Historic Site in Kahokunui To Naha


The center of the short-lived sugarcane plantation, Keomuku is 6 miles southeast of Maunalei. The highlight is the beautifully reconstructed Ka Lanakila o Ka Malamalama Church, which was originally built in 1903.
Historic Site in Kahokunui To Naha


Four miles south of Halepalaoa you come to Naha, which is both the end of the road and the site of ancient fishponds just offshore. With the wind whistling in your ears, this is a dramatic and desolate setting where…
Historic Site in Shipwreck Beach

Kukui Petroglyphs

From the lighthouse foundation, trail markings lead directly inland about 100yd to the Kukui petroglyphs, a cluster of fragile carvings marked by a sign reading 'Do Not Deface.' The simple figures are etched onto la…