Top Choice Market in Lihuʻe

Kauaʻi Community Market

One of the island's biggest and best farmers markets, in partnership with the Kauaʻi County Farm Bureau, brings a bonanza of locally grown, often organic fruits and vegetables: free-range eggs and local dairy cheese…
Top Choice Market in Poʻipu

Kauaʻi Culinary Market

An upscale take on the traditional island farmers market features not only a couple dozen local farmers and food vendors, but also free live music, cooking demonstrations by South Shore chefs and pau hana (happy hou…
Market in Hanalei

Waipa Farmers Market

Set on the Waipa Foundation's old Hawaiian ahupuaʻa (land division), the market is small but ample, with tropical fruit – including centerpiece pineapples – leafy greens, flowers, handicrafts and prepared foods – su…
Market in Kilauea

Namahana Farmers Markets

Two of Kilauea's three weekly farmers markets pop up by the mini-golf course. Stop and shop for fresh goat's cheese and sourdough bread, poi bagels, fresh pasta and Kauaʻi-grown fruits and veggies. It often has live…
Market in Hanalei

Harvest Market

If wellness is your jam, pick up organic and all-natural snacks and groceries at this local favorite. Put together a beach picnic from the salad bar, smoothie station and weighable bulk-foods section (dried fruit, n…
Market in Lihuʻe

Lihuʻe Farmers Markets

Lihuʻe has two small farmers markets each week: Kukui Grove Center Farmers Market in the Kmart parking lot at the Kukui Grove Center and the Kauaʻi Community Market at the Community College.
Market in Kapaʻa

Kapaʻa Farmers Market

One of the island's biggest and best-attended farmers markets, this weekly outdoor gathering is the spot to pick up local produce such as mangoes, star fruit, ginger and even fresh coconuts. Many of the vendors own …
Market in Kilauea

Banana Joe's Fruitstand

Inside this tin-roofed shack they're making pineapple-banana frosties (dairy-free) that are worth pulling over for. Have you heard of atemoya or mamey sapote? Here's your chance to try these exotic fruits.
Market in Koloa

Koloa Farmers Market

Vendors sell mostly flowers and produce, including exotic fruit – try drinking the milk from a whole coconut. Bring small bills and change, and show up on time, as competition is fierce once the whistle blows.
Market in Hanapepe

Hanapepe Farmers Market

One of the countywide Sunshine Markets. Small-scale farmers truck in the goods themselves and locals line up before the whistle blows just to score the best produce.