Accommodations Major hotels are equipped with elevators, phones with telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) and wheelchair-accessible rooms (which must be reserved in advance). These services are unlikely in B&Bs and small hotels.

General Information Kauaʻi County can be a resource, though its website ( is clunky. If you have specific questions about traveling with a disability on Kauaʻi, call the American Disability Act (ADA) Coordinator at the Office of the Mayor (808-241-4921). The Disability and Communication Access Board also provides a tip sheet specifically for Kauaʻi at

Mobility There are currently no car-rental agencies with lift-equipped vehicles. Gammie HomeCare ( rents portable ramps, wheelchairs, hospital beds, walking aids and other medical equipment. Wheelchair Getaways of Hawaii rents wheelchair-accessible vans. Kauaʻi County provides a Landeez all-terrain wheelchair at lifeguard stations at Poʻipu, Lydgate and Salt Pond Beach Parks. All Kauaʻi county buses are wheelchair lift equipped.

Seeing-Eye & Guide Dogs These dogs are not subject to the general quarantine rules for pets if they meet the Department of Agriculture’s minimum requirements; see for more details. All animals must enter the state via Honolulu International Airport.

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