Kansas attractions

Top Choice Museum in Kansas

Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

Possibly the most surprising sight in Kansas, this amazing museum captures the race to the moon better than any museum on the planet. Absorbing displays and artifacts such as the Apollo 13 command module will enthra…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Chase County

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

This 11,000-acre national preserve, 2 miles northwest of Strong City, is a perfect place to hike the prairie, with its 40 miles of scenic trails. Buffalo were reintroduced here in 2009 and now number close to 100, s…
Top Choice Museum in Topeka

Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site

It took real guts to challenge the segregationist laws common in the US in the 1950s and the stories of these courageous men and women are here. Set in Monroe Elementary School, one of Topeka's African American scho…
Top Choice Historic Site in Larned

Fort Larned National Historic Site

Six miles west of town, Fort Larned National Historic Site is a remarkably well-preserved fort in a lovely setting. It's well worth the trip to learn about the turbulent history of the Indian Wars era. The Santa Fe …
Top Choice Gallery in Lucas

Garden of Eden

In 1907 Samuel Dinsmoor began filling his yard with enormous concrete sculptures reflecting his eccentric philosophies. On a tour you hear some wonderful stories and see his remains in a glass-topped coffin(!).
Top Choice Museum in Wichita

Old Cowtown Museum

An open-air museum that re-creates the Wild West (as seen on TV…). Pioneer-era buildings, staged gunfights (April to October) and guides in cowboy costumes thrill kids. Enjoy the river walks.
Historic Site in Kansas

Home on the Range Cabin

The iconic song of the American west, 'Home on the Range,' was written by Brewster M Higley in 1871 at a remote cabin in northern Kansas. Today you can visit the lovely and evocative site of the original cabin where…
Historic Site in Nicodemus

Nicodemus National Historic Site

Settled in 1877 by 350 African Americans escaping oppression in Kentucky, Nicodemus grew from a collection of dug-out homes into a prosperous community with a bank, hotel, school and newspaper. A descendant of those…
Historic Site in Kansas

Fort Scott

This restored fort near the Missouri border dates to 1842. While the parade grounds and buildings in the heart of its namesake city are interesting, the real draw here is the story of the battles between pro- and an…
Museum in Wichita

Exploration Place

Right on the river confluence, this architecturally striking children's museum has no end of cool exhibits, including a tornado chamber where you can feel 75mph winds, and a sublime erosion model that shows water cr…