Kanab restaurants

Top Choice Modern American in Kanab

Sego Restaurant

If Kanab is aspiring to be the next Sedona, this boutique hotel-restaurant will fast-track things. Gorgeous eats range from foraged mushrooms with goat cheese to noodles with red-crab curry and a decadent flourless …
Top Choice Bakery in Kanab

Kanab Creek Bakery

For fancy-pants pastries and gourmet breakfasts, this is your first (and only) stop. Croissants, boules (tiny pieces of chocolate-covered truffle), baguettes and rye bread are baked daily. Try the Jerusalem shakshuk…
Mexican in Kanab


Sometimes it feels like all of Kanab is stuffed into this busy, family-run restaurant with swift service and XL portions. Start with the complimentary homemade chips and salsa then move on to a green chili burrito a…
American in Kanab

Rocking V Cafe

Fresh ingredients star in dishes like hand-cut buffalo tenderloin and chargrilled zucchini with curried quinoa. Local artwork decorating the 1892 brick storefront is as creative as the food. Off-season hours vary.
Cafe in Kanab

Peekaboo Kitchen

A godsend to green diets, this cafe goes big on vegetarian and vegan dishes, salads and beet chips. The artisan pizzas are pretty good too. Breakfast options include lattes, eggs Benedict served in artichokes, and p…
Asian in Kanab

Fusion House

Casual Asian fusion – think Japanese-style pork katsu curry, coconut shrimp, udon noodle soups, and fried rice with spinach and pine nuts – served in a diner-like setting on Kanab's main drag. With vegan options.
American in Kanab

Houston's Trail's End Restaurant

Join the locals for chicken-fried steak and razzleberry pie – you know the food must be good if they'll frequent a place where the waiters wear cowboy boots and toy six-shooters. No alcohol.
Chinese in Kanab

Luo's Cafe

For a change. Surprisingly good Chinese food; great vegetable selection.
Cafe in Kanab

Jakey Leighs

A quick fix for breakfast and baked goods.
Market in Kanab

Honey's Marketplace

Full grocery store.