Top things to do

Top Choice Viewpoint in Kalapana Area

Lava Viewing Area

Pele (the goddess of fire) is fickle. She may treat you to a primordial fireworks display of molten rock exploding in the waves or show you nothing at all. Keep expectations in check. When flows are consistent, Civi…
Top Choice Market in Kalapana Area

Uncle Robert's Wednesday Night Market

The place to be on a Wednesday night is the late Uncle Robert's family compound where a significant percentage of the population turns out to live aloha. Local live music gets you dancing, while artisans and farm-fr…
Beach in Kalapana Area

New Kaimu Beach

Kaimu was the most beautiful black-sand beach in Hawaii until the 1990 lava flow that consumed Kalapana torched its stately palms and filled the bay with pahoehoe (smooth-flowing lava). Now, a 0.3-mile walk along a …
Bar in Kalapana Area

Uncle Robert's Awa Bar

After walking out to New Kaimu Beach, shade up with a cup of 'awa (kava), a muscle-relaxing drink used in many traditional ceremonies that will help slow your internal clock to Puna time. There are usually a few loc…
Fast Food in Kalapana Area

The Hot Dog Guy

Jesse 'the hot dog guy' serves bison, reindeer or all-beef hotdogs and brats, cooked any way you like 'em out of his tiny cart. Given his mobility, he occasionally migrates. Check his Facebook page for latest wherea…
Church in Kalapana Area

Star of the Sea Church

Known locally as the 'Painted Church,' this historic Catholic chapel is noted for its collection of murals including a simple trompe l'oeil cathedral behind the altar. Built in 1928 in Kalapana, it was nearly consum…
Market in Kalapana Area

Uncle's Kaimū Farmers Market

A more subdued affair than the Wednesday night festivities at the same place. Stock up on local produce.