Kainaliu restaurants

Top Choice Burgers in Kainaliu

Annie's Island Fresh Burgers

Sometimes you just need a burger. The sort of burger that makes you sigh and smile and say ‘Damn’ and feel uncomfortably full afterwards. Enter Annie’s, which uses local veggies and grass-fed Big Island beef to make…
Sandwiches in Kainaliu

Rebel Kitchen

There’s a sense of playful anarchy here, from the young counter staff to the punk and reggae coming out of the kitchen. You know what else comes out of the kitchen? Amazing sandwiches. We’ll fight you for the blacke…
Gelato in Kainaliu

Gypsea Gelato

We first came here after Ironman, where we saw a wiry Italian, without an ounce of fat on his body, walk by, then walk in, saying to his partner, 'It's always a good time for gelato.' And if an Ironman can indulge h…