Top things to do in Kahuluʻu & Waiahole

Top Choice Hawaiian in Kahuluʻu & Waiahole

Waiahole Poi Factory

This family-owned roadside landmark sells ʻono (delicious) traditional Hawaiian plate lunches, baked laulau (bundle made of pork or chicken with salted butterfish wrapped in taro and ti leaves and steamed) and squid…
Food Truck in Kahuluʻu & Waiahole

Mike's Huli Chicken

At the convergence of Kamehameha and Kahekili Hwys, a cluster of food trucks have taken up residence. Mike's has risen above the others thanks to its rotisserie (huli is Hawaiian for 'turn') chicken made with its ow…
Gardens in Kahuluʻu & Waiahole

Senator Fong's Plantation & Gardens

A labor of love by Hiram Fong (1907–2004), the first Asian American elected to the US Senate, these flowering gardens aim to preserve Hawaii’s plant life for future generations. The lush 700-acre grounds are accessi…