Kahuku Superette

Hawaiian in Kahuku

Drive down Kamehameha Hwy, and you just might blow right past this unassuming eatery. But if you like poke (fresh cubes of raw fish seasoned and served with traditional condiments such as sea salt, candlenut, seaweed and limu) don't miss the the Superette’s iconic bowls, in fact, it's the only real offering on the menu here.

Tucked at the very back of what appears to be just another side-of-the-road convenience store, this eatery is a longtime local favorite, and still a largely undiscovered culinary gem. But ask anyone who knows, and they will assure you, just as with Seinfeld’s soup nazi, when an eatery cooks up a concoction that's this good, you don’t want to order anything else

Patrons can park or stroll in straight from a surf session, and order at the small counter from an auntie who spoons your selected type of poke over a generous scoop of white rice – just like the locals like it. Try the limu poke, with its refreshing and satisfying crunch of seaweed; shoyu poke, with a soy-infused flavor that perfectly complements and saturates the rice; or tako poke, perfectly textured octopus with a surprisingly clean and just-right taste. Bowls here are weighted and charged by the pound.