Top Choice Historic Building in Kahala

Shangri La

Celebrity Doris Duke had a lifelong passion for Islamic art and architecture, inspired by a visit to the Taj Mahal during her honeymoon in India at the age of 23. During that same honeymoon in 1935, she stopped at O…
Beach in Kahala

Kaʻalawai Beach

Play in the lap of luxury at this little gem of a beach between Diamond Head and Black Point, though it's not the best for swimming. Normally uncrowded, it provides a glimpse of Doris Duke’s Shangri La estate. From …
Beach in Kahala

Waiʻalae Beach Park

At this picturesque sandy beach, a gentle stream meets the sea. Local surfers challenge Razors, a break off the channel’s west side. Swimming conditions are usually calm, though not the best due to the shallow reef.…