Poot Peak is a difficult, slick, rocky ascent of 2600ft. The trailhead begins at the Halibut Cove Lagoon, where a moderate 2.6-mile climb along the China Poot Lake Trail takes you to a campsite on the lake.

From there, the trail to the peak diverges after the Wosnesenski River Trail junction. For a little over a mile you’ll clamber upward through thinning forest until you reach the Summit Spur, where the route climbs even more precipitously to the mountain’s lower summit, 2100ft in elevation. From here, reaching the very top involves scaling a shifting wall of scree, a feat that should be attempted only by those who have some rock-climbing experience. In wet weather, it should be avoided altogether. Getting from the lake to the summit and back will take the better part of a day.