US Dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $150

  • Hostel dorm: $33-39
  • Semi-private hostel room, guesthouse or budget B&B: $79–125
  • Groceries or fast food: $6–12
  • Walking tour or beach days: free
  • Maui Bus one-way fare: $2

Midrange: $150–350

  • B&Bs, hotel rooms or condos: $139–200
  • Dinner at midrange restaurant: $20–35
  • Hiking, snorkeling, aquarium: free–$28
  • Small rental car: per day/week from $36/250

Top End: More than $350

  • Beach-resort room: from $275
  • Three-course meal at top restaurant: $75–100
  • Guided outdoor adventure tour: from $99
  • Spacious rental car: per day/week from $45/292


Polite haggling is only ever seen at farmers markets and roadside stalls selling art, crafts and souvenirs, and even then, it's rare. Everywhere else, the expectation is that you'll pay the stated price.


ATMs are common. Credit cards are widely accepted; often required for car and hotel reservations. The US dollar is the only currency used on Maui.


Major banks such as the Bank of Hawaii ( and First Hawaiian Bank ( have ATM networks throughout Maui that give cash advances on major credit cards and allow cash withdrawals with affiliated ATM cards. In addition to bank locations, you’ll find ATMs at most grocery stores, mall-style shopping centers and convenience stores.

Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks are becoming obsolete. Foreign visitors carrying traveler’s checks will find things easier if the checks are in US dollars. Many top-end restaurants, hotels and shops accept US dollar traveler’s checks and treat them just like cash.

Out-of-state personal checks are not readily accepted on Maui.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards are widely accepted on Maui, including at car-rental agencies and at most hotels, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and tour operators. Some B&Bs and condos (including some handled through rental agencies) may refuse them.


  • Taxis Tip 15% of the metered fare, rounded up to the next dollar.
  • Restaurants Good waiters are tipped 15% to 20%, while very dissatisfied customers make their ire known by leaving 10%. There has to be real cause for not tipping at all.
  • Hotels and airports Give $2 per bag.
  • Valets At least $2 when your car is returned.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1.43

For current exchange rates see

Changing Money

If you’re carrying foreign currency, it can be exchanged for US dollars at larger banks around Maui.