Oddly quiet, with no screams or loud music and no neon colors or hawking vendors, this oasis of palm trees, greenery and ferns offers a handful of attractions with a prehistoric twist. Jurassic Park River Adventure (Express Pass) floats you past friendly vegetarian dinosaurs, and all seems well and good until…things go wrong and those grass-munchin' cuties are replaced with the stuff of nightmares.

To escape the looming teeth of the giant T Rex, you plunge 85ft to the water below. Little children might be terrified by the creatures, the dark and the plunge, but if yours are tough as nails they'll love it. At Pterandoon Flyers, kids fly over the lush landscape and robotic dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Note that you must be between 36in and 56in tall to fly, and adults can't fly without a kid (note: it sways quite severely; you don't just 'float' along). Waits can be upwards of an hour for the 80-second ride and there's no Express Pass.