Historic Building in Ipswich & Essex

Cogswell's Grant

This Colonial-era farmhouse dates to 1728, and is furnished and decorated with all manner of 'country arts' from the era. The home is the product of six decades of redecorating and refurbishing by Bertram and Nina F…
Historic Site in Ipswich & Essex

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate

High atop Castle Hill sits the 1920s estate of Chicago plumbing-fixture magnate Richard T Crane. The 59-room Stuart-style Great House is open for guided tours and special events. Check the website for a variety of t…
Historic Building in Ipswich & Essex

Whipple House

Dating to 1677, this was the home of Captain John Whipple, a military officer and entrepreneur. Now maintained by the Ipswich Museum, it contains period furniture and many original architectural details. It is one o…