Electronics in Near North & Navy Pier

Apple Store

This bright, airy store offers iPads, iPods and everything else for Mac enthusiasts splayed across butcher-block tables. The user-friendly setup comes with plenty of clued-up staff to answer product questions, a ‘ge…
Electronics in Lincoln Park & Old Town

Apple Store

Here's another Apple branch to help with all of your iPhone, iPad and other iNeeds. It's fronted by a plaza with a fountain, and tables and chairs where locals hang out and mooch off the free wi-fi.
Electronics in Gold Coast

Best Buy

A convenient store for those looking to pick up laptop or cell-phone supplies, Best Buy offers good prices on things like SIM cards, flash drives, hand-held computing devices and more. Come with a clear idea of what…
Electronics in Lake View & Wrigleyville

Midwest Pro Sound

This is a hub for DJ gear, both used and new. If you’re looking for a basic mixer or a Technics turntable (or a PA system that will quickly make you the talk of your neighborhood), this is your store.
Electronics in The Loop

Central Camera

Whatever your photo needs, Central Camera has the answer. Once shutterbugs step inside the long, narrow store, it will be days before they surface again.