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Top Choice Asian in Ketchum & Sun Valley


Small and crooked as an actual rickshaw, welcoming and with the vitality of a busy thoroughfare, this red-hot fusion restaurant turns out A+ versions of street food from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia. Tende…
Top Choice Area in Boise

Basque Block

Unbeknownst to many, Boise harbors one of the largest Basque populations outside Spain. European émigrés first arrived in the 1910s to work as Idaho shepherds. Elements of their distinct culture can be glimpsed al…
Top Choice Pub in Boise

Bar Gernika

Ongi etorri (welcome) to the Basque block's most accessible pub-tavern, with a menu that leans heavily on old-country favorites such as lamb kabob, chorizo and beef tongue (Saturdays only). Pair your meal with a 20o…
Top Choice Bakery in Stanley

Stanley Baking Co

This middle-of-nowhere bakery and brunch spot, from the same couple that runs the Sawtooth Hotel, is a godsend. Operating for five months of the year out of a small log cabin, Stanley Baking Co is the only place in …
Top Choice Modern American in Boise


Twenty years ago, this kind of upscale green-boosted menu would have been Idaho heresy. No more. Down-home starts with cast-iron fried chicken with waffles and balsamic maple syrup. But there's also creative salads,…
Pizza in Boise


For cheap pizza by the slice and an ice-cold Pabst, you can't beat this Boise dive. There are four loaded pizza slice specials each day (along with the usual assortment of made-to-order pies). These rotate, but alwa…
in Boise

8th Street Wine Co

[ourpick] 8th Street Wine Co This trendy BoDo warehouse wine bar is gaining national attention - Food & Wine Magazine recently called it one of America's best wine experiences. There are more than 1000 bottles t…
Pub in Boise


Bardenay was the USA's very first 'distillery-pub,' and remains a one-of-a-kind watering hole. Today it serves its own home-brewed vodka, rum and gin in casual, airy environs.
Mexican in Ketchum & Sun Valley


Locals dig this healthy Mexican joint. Everything is fresh (if not entirely authentic), salads are huge, and homemade salsas (warm, hot and smokin') are worthy.
in Ketchum & Sun Valley

Ketchum Grill

A local favorite, Ketchum Grill boasts a creative menu bursting with fresh fare. The elegant offerings include lots of seafood, along with plenty of veggie options.