Honolulu’s most rewarding short hike, this 1.6-mile round-trip trail runs above a rocky streambed before ending at a pretty little cascade. Tall tree trunks line the often muddy and slippery path. Wild orchids and red ginger grow near the falls, which drop about 100ft into a small, shallow pool. It’s illegal to venture beyond the established viewing area.

Falling rocks and the risk of leptospirosis (a waterborne bacterial infection) make entering the water dangerous.

On public transport, take bus 5 Manoa Valley from Ala Moana Center or the university area to the end of the line; from there, it’s a half-mile walk uphill to the trailhead. By car, drive almost to the end of Manoa Rd, where a privately operated parking lot charges $5 per vehicle. Free on-street parking may be available just downhill from the bus stop.