Hollywood attractions

Park in Hollywood

Anne Kolb Nature Center

This lovely 1500 acres of coastal mangroves is on one side of West Lake, while opposite is the recreation area (referred to as West Lake Park). The entirely 'wild' section, Anne Kolb Nature Center, is criss-crossed …
Waterfront in Hollywood

Hollywood Broadwalk

Reminiscent of California's famed Venice Beach, this beach and adjacent promenade teem with scantily clad rollerbladers and fanny-pack-wearing tourists. The Broadwalk itself is a 2.5-mile, six-person-wide path, exte…
Park in Hollywood

West Lake Park

Connected to the Anne Kolb Nature Center, this is the more suburban recreation section, with a marina, tennis courts and picnic ground. You can paddle across West Lake and through the mangroves via various locales m…
Park in Hollywood

North Beach Park

This is the formal name for the beach, though there is a suburban-style green space behind the boardwalk here, with picnic tables and barbecue grills.