Top things to do in Hollywood Studios

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50’s Prime Time Café

Step into a quintessential 1950s home with TVs, linoleum floors, some of the funkiest of funky retro furniture around and, of course, home-cooked meals, including Grandma's Chicken-Pot-Pie, Aunt Liz's Golden Fried C…
Top Choice American in Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Burgers, ribs and glow-in-the-dark drinks served drive-in style. Climb into your convertible Cadillac, order from the car hop, sip on a Lunar Landing and sit back for animations, a silly horror movie or sci-fi flick…
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Sunset Boulevard

The simple and sweet outdoor theater performance of Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage follows the storyline, incorporates the classic songs, and doesn't fall back on any special effects or crazy shenanigans. It's…
Light Show in Hollywood Studios


Dramatic and overhyped water, music and light show centers on a vague, rather disconnected and confusing plot in which Mickey Mouse proves victorious over a cast of Disney villains. All the characters sail by on Ste…
Tapas in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Upscale, small-bite menu with lump-crab cocktail, mussels and beef sliders, and an excellent selection of cocktails. It's generally pretty easy to snag a table at the bistro-style sidewalk patio, a great place to re…
Fireworks in Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

Absolutely zapping and bursting with pyrotechnics, special effects and more lasers than a Star Wars movie set, this display emulates a space battle in the stars, with the, you guessed it, Star Wars musical soundtrac…
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Hollywood Boulevard & Echo Lake

This is where you'll find the Star Wars–themed Star Tours (FastPass+), one of Disney's best 3D-simulated experiences, the over-the-top stunt show Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (Fastpass+), held in a huge outd…
American in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Brown Derby

Semi-upscale surroundings modeled after the LA original, with an odd selection of gourmet eats ranging from a vegetarian pho (noodle soup) to charred fillet of beef and, of course, that Derby classic, the Cobb salad…
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Pixar Place & Mickey Avenue

Lines are always long at Toy Story Mania! (FastPass+), where folks don 3D glasses and shoot their way through games trying to score points.