Hells Canyon attractions

Canyon in Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon Dam

Hells Canyon's most spectacular scenery is perhaps along Snake River, following 25 miles of paved road (Idaho's Rte 454) toward Hells Canyon Dam; here dramatic canyon walls loom almost vertically. The road goes alon…
Viewpoint in Hells Canyon

Hat Point

High above Snake River, the Hat Point fire-lookout tower (elevation 6982ft) offers great views. On each side of the canyon, mountains soar toward 10,000ft, with the Seven Devils on the Idaho side and the towering Wa…
Area in Hells Canyon

Imnaha River Valley

Just west of Hells Canyon, the Imnaha River digs a parallel canyon that offers pastoral scenery in addition to astounding cliff faces.The gravel Imnaha River Rd follows this narrow valley between Imnaha and the junc…