Top things to do in Hawi & Around

Top Choice Hawaii Regional in Hawi & Around


Always-packed Bamboo offers interesting takes on old standbys, such as mahimahi on focaccia with shredded papaya. It shares space with a gallery and gift shop, making you feel like you’re eating in a general store –…
Top Choice Sushi in Hawi & Around

Sushi Rock

This ever-popular sushi bar is famous all over the island for its fusion tropical rolls, which might include papaya, mac nuts, Fuji apple or goat cheese. Some work better than others, but we always leave satisfied. …
Fusion in Hawi & Around


Trio specializes in three-course, creative Hawaiian fusion cuisine. The menu has a lot of variation; on one night you might mix Indonesian chicken with Waimea beef sliders finished with some vegetarian poke. For a t…
Music in Hawi & Around

Hawi Gallery

The ukulele as a work of art? Definitely, as this fascinating collection proves. In addition to gorgeous classics, check out the Cuban model made from a cigar box and the curvaceous Polk-a-lay-lee, a rare 1960s prom…
Arts & Crafts in Hawi & Around

L Zeidman Gallery

The exquisitely crafted, museum-quality wood bowls made by the owner are mesmerizing en masse. Take one home for between $150 and $2500.
Historic Site in Kapaʻau

Kohala Institute

The Institute is an nonprofit that runs educational and preservation programs on 2400 acres that include the ʻIole ahupuaʻa (traditional land division), as well as historic sites associated with Elias Bond, a New En…
Landmark in Kapaʻau

Kamehameha Rock

According to legend, Kamehameha carried this rock uphill from the beach to demonstrate his prodigious strength. Much later, when a road crew attempted to move it elsewhere, the rock stubbornly fell off the wagon – a…
Beach in Kapaʻau

Keokea Beach Park

While it has no beach to speak of, this county park, about 3.5 miles from Kapaʻau, has the best picnic spot around: an elevated pavilion with smashing views of a rocky bay and the motley crew of local surfers brave …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Hawi & Around


This adorable little 'lifestyle' boutique specializes in the sort of boho-chic goods and gifts you'd fully expect out of the heart of Hawi. Soy candles, surf art cards, Big Island themed pendants, crafted beach towe…
Cafe in Kapaʻau

Gill's Lanai

With its umbrella-shaded patio and tiny kitchen, this avocado-colored roadside cafe offers a beach vibe and unfairly good food, given Kapaʻau's small size. Favorites include fish tacos, fish and chips, savory sandwi…