Top ChoiceSupermarket in Waimea

Ishihara Market

The eye-popping deli counter at this famed Japanese supermarket is guaranteed to revive even the most jaded palate. With local favorites like kim chee sea snails or seasoned iidako (disconcertingly complete baby...

Barbecue in Waimea


Promising ‘aloha in a bun,’ this much-loved little town-center diner keeps things simple. Everyone’s here for the juicy pulled pork, and you can have it on rice, in a grilled-cheese sandwich or on the signature bun.

Barbecue in Waimea

Chicken in a Barrel

The roomy and rather lovely wood-built bar/restaurant at the Waimea Plantation Cottages has been through various incarnations over the years, including stints as a fine-dining haven and then a microbrewery. It...

Diner in Waimea

Gina’s Anykine Grind Cafe

‘Friendly, filling and reasonably priced’ sums up this local institution, formerly known as Yumi’s, where you can get a plate lunch with chicken katsu or teriyaki beef, a burger, a mini loco moco or special...

Health Food in Waimea

G's Juicebar

Your quest for Kaua‘i’s top acai bowl might reach the finish line right here. A Marley Bowl comes with hemp seed, kale and bee pollen, and the Avatar with rice milk, blueberries and shaved coconut. Fresh tropical...

Desserts in Waimea

Jo-Jo's Anuenue Shave Ice & Treats

This shack delivers icy flavor: all syrups are homemade without additives and won't knock you out with sweetness. The superstar item is the halo halo (Filipino-style mixed fruit) with coconut.

Ice Cream in Waimea

Super Duper Two

This place lives up to its moniker. Stop in for tropically flavored shakes, sundaes, floats or old-fashioned scoops of Maui-made Roselani ice cream in crispy handmade waffle cones.

Steak in Waimea

Wrangler's Steakhouse

Yes, it’s touristy, but this Western-style saloon dishes up plantation lunches in authentic kaukau (food) tins full of shrimp and vegetable tempura, teriyaki steak, rice and kim chee. Sizzling dinner steaks are...

Mexican in Waimea

Island Taco

Tortillas at this island fusion taquería are stuffed with wasabi-coated or Cajun-dusted seared ahi, fresh cabbage and rice, and they’ll do the same trick with mahimahi, tofu, shrimp with papaya seeds or kalua...

Seafood in Waimea

Shrimp Station

Craving shrimp? Whether sautéed scampi-style, coconut- or beer-battered, in taco form or ground up into a ‘shrimp burger,' crustaceans are what this roadside chow hut is all about. Look for the flamingo-pink sign...