Must see attractions in Waimea Canyon & the Westside

  • W
    Waimea State Recreational Pier

    Flecked with microscopic green crystals called olivine, this wide, dark-tinged beach stretches between two scenic rock outcroppings and is bisected by the…

  • L
    Lolo Vista Point

    This staggering viewpoint perches high above the Na Pali Coast at the far end of the 3.8-mile Nu‘alolo Trail. The last few hundred yards of the hike run…

  • W
    Waimea Canyon Drive Lookout 1

    The first lookout as you climb Waimea Canyon Dr offers a good introductory view to the canyon, stretching to the east. Cross the road (carefully) to check…

  • K
    Kumuwela Lookout

    This overlook marks the end of the Canyon Trail. Enjoy epic canyon and waterfall views as you rest at the picnic table.

  • G
    Glass Beach

    While certainly not a swimming beach, this little cove lures visitors to pick through the well-worn debris along the shoreline. The glass hasn’t come far;…

  • W
    Waimea United Church of Christ

    What’s now the Waimea United Church of Christ was originally erected in 1847 by Reverend George Rowell. Protestant missionaries had lived in Waimea for…

  • W
    Waimea Town Center

    Waimea’s plantation-era core offers some interesting architecture. Take a short stroll to admire the neoclassical First Hawaiian Bank (1929), the art deco…

  • W
    Waimea Hawaiian Church

    Sunday’s Hawaiian-language mass at this simple low-slung church makes an interesting way to connect with local culture. Waimea’s first Christian…

  • H
    Hanapepe Valley Lookout

    Well before you reach Hanapepe as you approach from the east, shortly after Mile 14 on the highway, this roadside lookout offers a view deep into Hanapepe…

  • L
    Lucy Wright Park

    It’s a telling reflection of how locals feel about Captain Cook that the beach where he first landed is named not for Cook but for Waimea’s first Native…

  • C
    Captain Cook Monument

    A statue of Captain James Cook stands on Waimea’s central green space. When his ships Resolution and Discovery sailed into Waimea Bay in January 1778,…

  • M
    McBryde Sugar Company Cemetery

    Recently unearthed following decades of neglect, this cemetery above Glass Beach has an impressive view. Worker camps encircled this area during the 19th…

  • H
    Hofgaard Park

    This small grassy park at Waimea’s main intersection holds a statue of Captain Cook. Display panels explain local history.

  • W
    Waimea Sugar Mill

    The evocative skeleton of this 19th-century sugar mill still looms over Waimea. Pumping out sugar from the Westside, it fueled Kaua‘i’s economy until 1945…

  • C
    Captain Cook Landing Site

    The precise spot where Captain Cook first set foot on Hawaiian soil being unknown, a large boulder near the mouth of Waimea River was arbitrarily chosen…

  • B
    Barking Sands Beach

    Between Kekaha Beach Park and Polihale State Park, the Westside's biggest beach stretches for around 15 miles. Much of it is taken up by the US Navy’s…

  • G
    Glass Beach Overlook

    Continue up the hillside for 100yd beyond Glass Beach for long-range ocean views.