Top ChoiceMuseum in Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

This somber memorial is one of the USA's most significant WWII sites, commemorating the Pearl Harbor attack and its fallen service members with an iconic offshore monument reachable by boat.

Top ChoicePark in Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor National Memorial

One of the USA’s most significant WWII sites, this National Park Service (NPS) monument narrates the history of the Pearl Harbor attack and commemorates fallen service members. The memorial is entirely wheelchair...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Waipahu

Hawaii's Plantation Village

Waipahu was one of Oʻahu’s last sugarcane plantation towns and this outdoor museum tells the story of life on the sugar plantations, especially the local O‘ahu Sugar Company. Though the village is definitely...

Top ChoiceBeach in Makaha

Makaha Beach Park

This beautifully arching beach invites you to spread out your towel and spend the day. Except for weekends and big surf days, you’ll likely have the place to yourself. Snorkeling is good during the calmer summer...

Top ChoiceBeach in Kaʻena Point State Park

Keawa'ula Beach

Some say this is the best sunset spot on the island. It certainly has the right west-facing orientation and a blissfully scenic mile-long sandy beach. You’ll find restrooms and showers (but no drinking water) at...

Museum in Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

This military aircraft museum covers WWII and the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and beyond. The first aircraft hangar, number 37, features exhibits on the Pearl Harbor attack, the Doolittle Raid on mainland Japan...

Museum in Pearl Harbor

Battleship Missouri Memorial

The last battleship built by the US (it was launched in 1944), the USS Missouri provides a unique historical 'bookend' to the US campaign in the Pacific during WWII. Nicknamed the 'Mighty Mo,' this decommissioned...

Temple in Makaha

Kaneʻaki Heiau

Hidden within Mauna‘olu Estates, a gated residential community in Makaha Valley, this quietly impressive heiau (ancient stone temple) is one of Oʻahu's best-restored sacred sites. Originally an agricultural...

Museum in Pearl Harbor

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Adjacent to the visitor center for the Pearl Harbor historic sites, this park harbors the moored WWII-era submarine USS Bowfin, which you can explore on a self-guided tour. A museum that traces the development of...

Park in ʻAiea

Keaʻiwa Heiau State Recreation Area

In the mountains north of Pearl Harbor, this state park protects Keaʻiwa Heiau, an ancient hoʻola (healing or medicinal) temple. Today, people wishing to be cured may still place offerings here. The 4ft-high...

Beach in Waiʻanae

Pokaʻi Bay Beach Park

Protected by Kaneʻilio Point and a long breakwater, the beach is in need of some maintenance, although the luminescent beauty of the sand is undimmed. Waves seldom break inside the bay, and the sandy beach slopes...

Beach in Makaha

Papaoneone Beach

This beautiful, mostly deserted half-mile of sand is backed by a few aging condo buildings, including the Hawaiian Princess. If you’re lucky, you may see green sea turtles in the surf early mornings or late...

Beach in Makaha to Ka‘ena Point

Makua Beach

Way back in the day, this beach was a canoe-landing site for interisland travelers. In the late ‘60s it was used as the backdrop for the movie Hawaii. Today there is little here beyond a golden stretch of sand,...

Beach in Kaʻena Point State Park

Kaʻena Point State Park

White-sand beaches and aqua-blue waters are the highlights of this somewhat-desolate state park that has a literal end-of-the-road feel. Car-parking areas can be rough and you'll see a few people living rough...

Landmark in Kaʻena Point State Park

Kaʻena Point

The westernmost point on Oʻahu is reached by 2.5-mile-long trails from the south and east. Waves up to 50ft break here in winter. It's a desolate spot with windblown views.

Memorial in Pearl Harbor

USS Oklahoma Memorial

After the USS Arizona, the second-largest number of lives lost on December 7, 1941 was aboard the battleship USS Oklahoma. Numerous Japanese torpedoes struck the ship early in the attack and it capsized at dock,...

Historic Site in Kapolei Area

Hawaiian Railway

For half a century from 1890 to 1940, a railroad carried sugarcane and passengers from Honolulu all the way around the coast through to Kahuku. The railway closed and the tracks were torn up after WWII and the...

Temple in Waiʻanae

Kuʻilioloa Heiau

Along the south side of the bay, Kaneʻilio Point is the site of a terraced-stone platform temple, partly destroyed by the army during WWII, then later reconstructed by local conservationists. The site was used in...

Beach in Kapolei Area

Puʻuloa Beach Park

A huge grassy lawn and sizable pavilion attract large Hawaiian families to this hidden gem of a beach on weekends. There’s always a spare table or two for a picnic, and a good view of Honolulu from the long...

Historic Site in Makaha to Ka‘ena Point

Kaneana Cave

The waves that created this giant stone amphitheater receded long ago. Now the highway passes right outside the cave, about 3 miles north of Makaha Beach. Kahuna (priests) performed rituals inside the cave's...