Kihei Coastal Trail

Hiking in Kihei

This short trail meanders along coastal bluffs ideal for whale-watching and quiet meditation. You might even see an outrigger canoe glide past. The trail starts beyond the grassy lawn at the southern end of Kamaʻole Beach Park III and winds half a mile south to Kihei Surfside condos, just beyond the Kihei Boat Ramp.

At the start of the trail look for the burrows of ʻuaʻu kani (wedge-tailed shearwaters), ground-nesting seabirds that return to the same sites each spring. The birds lay a single egg and remain until November, when the fledglings are large enough to head out to sea.

The path is made of packed gray gravel outlined in white coral. Curiously, when the trail was being built, a storm washed hundreds of yards of bleached coral onto the shore here. The coral was not originally planned for the trail construction, but the volunteers building the trail consulted with a Hawaiian kahuna (priest) and were told ancient trails were often outlined in white coral so they could be followed at night. The Hawaiian gods were thanked for the gift of coral, which was then incorporated into the trail.