King's Trail

Hiking in Kihei & South Maui

Attention adventurers: this one is hard to beat. Over 300 years ago, King Piʻilani (of heiau fame) led the construction of a path around the entire island of Maui in an effort to improve commerce between its far-flung regions. Today the King’s Trail, or what’s left of it, offers the opportunity to see the island in a unique and unforgettable way: by walking around it.

The 200-mile trail skirts the coastline the entire way, providing access to remote areas where traditional Hawaiian life is still practiced. It can be covered in eight to nine days, if you push it. But be careful – this is not for the faint of heart. The trail has not been maintained in its entirety. There are places where it disappears, or where the highway has been built upon it. There are cars, steep cliffs and crazy dogs to contend with. And you’ll need to bring lots of water.